ADELAIDE FRINGE 2014 - The Heckler


"This is what theatre is all about: witnessing actors perform seemingly impossible portrayals of raw emotion, where a man or woman can speak, act and perform lightning-quick costume changes while making you laugh, cry, cringe and laugh again in such a short space of time."



 EDINBURGH FRINGE 2013 - Fringe Review


 "The writing is intelligent drinking deeply from the well of Dickens' own words. The style is theatrical storytelling and that all proceeds at a fair pace...It is fun to watch Nevinson switch between Pickwick and a range of different men and women with simple but effective use of props and costume.. The piece really comes to life during the court scene where Nevinson truly excels as an actor. His prosecuting barrister is a very fine monologue in its own right. The story builds and the ending satisfies. Pickwick ends with a flourish and a bow. The audience readily and heartily responds."





"It's humorous and insightful and despite the abridgement manages to capture Dickens' astute eye for the absurd, most of which (particularly with regards to the legal profession) holds true today. Some of the audiences knew Pickwick inside out, others did not know their Pick from their Wick, but all had a Dickens of a time"